Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cowabunga Bay

All my kids can talk about these days is "Cowabunga Bay". Cowabunga Bay is the new Huish adventure. It is the new water park that my brothers have been building and it is AWESOME! It's not like any other water park you've ever seen. Yesterday my brother Shane was on KSL News introducing the park and giving a little tour. Check out the video here The water park is in Draper, UT and everyday my kids want to drive by to see what's new. Tonight we get to go for a special preview tour. What's really cool too, is that my brothers have somewhere on the structure added each of the Grandkids names. They are all excited to see their names on a surfboard, direction sign, sand bucket or slide. The countdown is on and hopefully we will be enjoying water and splashes by early June.