Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Summer went way too fast, well except for the 3 weeks right before I had Sawyer, and its back to school already. Yeah!!! I'll admit it, I am happy to have my kids back in school. I gives me a little bit of power back. I can't tell you how many times I heard "But Mom, it's summer and we can do whatever we want" well now it's not summer and they have to do whatever I want. Plus it's just nice to be able to do things again without 5 kids.
Maggie started Jr. High this year. She is turning into such a beautiful young woman. I asked her on the way to school how she was feeling, expecting "excited" or "nervous" or even "scared" and she answered me saying "tired, really tired" isn't that about par for jr. high. It kind of made me laugh. But her first day went well. She was chosen to be on leadership team this year and had already spent quite a few days touring the school and opening lockers so when the first day rolled around she was a pro. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the different papers to be signed and trying to remember what she needs for each class and where she has to be when and holy crap... the fees that come along with Jr. High. I guess I better start saving for next year. Anyway, I guess we'll figure it all out. Isn't she cute? Do I have to worry about boys now?

Dane started 5th grade this year. He's just as "Dane" as ever. All he worried about the first day was whether or not Abby was going to like him again this year. He's liked her since they were in the same class in 1st grade and even told me last year they were boyfriend/girlfriend. I think he even said they were going to get married. So the consensus was that she still liked him so that made him happy. Dane also loves to chat in class and he came home the first day informing me that his teacher would be calling me. Oh Dane...what are we going to do with you???
Emma started 1st grade this year and could not get to school soon enough. She was asking an hour and a half before school started when we could leave. We ended up walking to school so she wouldn't have to sit around and wait for another 30 minutes. She had a great first day. For the first time in her already 4 years of school she got to go for a full day and eat lunch at school, which by the way was the only thing she wanted to talk about when she got home. She loved being one of the big kids who got to eat lunch at school. Unfortunately her excitement ended quickly. On the third day of school, she came home telling me that she went to the principals office because she missed me so much and they wouldn't let her call me. She informed me that she wouldn't be going to school on Monday because she loved me and just wanted to stay home and be with me. How sweet, NOW GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Love that girl!My Crazy kids. Gotta get a silly picture in, in order to get the good ones.

Preston will be starting later this week so we will add him in later. He's excited for preschool to start up again. I guess Sawyer and I aren't that exciting and he's getting a little bored.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome Baby Sawyer

Oh... I have a blog??? Guess it's time to add a little post. My sister in law told me that if someone doesn't post on their blog for over a year that she takes them off her blog roll, Oh the pressure. I guess I'm good for another year after this.
So the most exciting thing of the summer is the arrival of our newest family member. Sawyer John Kargis was born on July 19th. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 in, he was the smallest of all of our babies. That was quite a surprise considering Preston was 9 lbs at a week early, I expected this baby to be even bigger. I was pleased with his size cause I just think anything bigger than 9 is not a baby for very long. This way I get to enjoy the infant size for a while. Labor, delivery and recovery could not have been easier. The most annoying thing was waiting for the doctor to break my water. I waited for almost 4 1/2 hours for him to get there only to find out he was home asleep. Hmmm... Once he finally got there and broke my water, things progressed quickly and when I was ready to deliver and the doctor got there I was told not to push at all because the baby was there and sliding right out. That's how I like it, nice and easy.
Everyone was so excited to welcome our new baby and he has been an amazing baby so far. How he puts up with all the kisses, hugs, touches and being woken up is beyond me. He is quite the trooper and just what we needed for our 5th baby. He just goes with the flow. It is nice to have so many helpers around and allows me to still get everything done that I need to do. We are so blessed to have this sweet spirit in our family and love him very much.