Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School lunch with the girls

Well now that the kids are back in school I have a little more time for "me". I decided that since I hadn't done anything with my friends all summer that I would throw a "back to school" lunch. We had such a wonderful time just hanging out and talking. If I didn't have to put so much into my parties (I love it) I would have one every week. Here are some pictures. I realized that I am not very good at taking pictures of the actual party and my guests. I need to work on that.

My kids had a blast helping me with my table cloth (butcher paper).

I  found this great downloadable subway art here. I think this is what really got me excited to have the party. It is so cute!
I also realized this time I didn't take pictures of the food :( We had delicious chicken florentine pasta, a fresh caprese salad, and a few other amazing little diddy's that I found via pinterest (my new favorite hobby).

(click for recipe)

(Click for recipe)

And lets not forget this deliciousness!
Apple Nachos, YUMMY!

Thinkin' I might need to make this a tradition!

First Day of School 2011

Unbelievable...Summer is over all ready. Where did the time go? Not only is summer over, but my little girl is in eighth grade now. Talk about time flying. It just goes faster as I get older.
Here's Maggie, first day of eighth grade. She loves babysitting, cooking/baking, hanging out with Lindz and Brookelle, Texting (but who doesn't?), Down East clothes and Toms (she bought two pairs with her own money after I had already bought her a new pair). Such an amazing girl! She always does what she is asked and helps out so much around the house (unless it involves cleaning her own room) and isn't she cute!

Dane and about energy! If we could harness it, we could easily power our house plus probably some of the neighbors as well. Gotta love it though! Dane started sixth grade this year. He loves Legos, Harry Potter, Legos, riding scooters with "the bald eagles" (the scooter club he made up with the neighbors and preston), Legos, SpongeBob, Legos and did I mention Legos? He is great with the younger kids and loves to take care of baby Sawyer. His hair has grown out quite a bit over the past year (much to my disapproval) but we made a deal that he could grow it until he turned 12 and then it's gone (can't wait, it drives me crazy).

Emma is our sweet and sassy little girl. She started 2nd grade and loves school. She's been in gymnastics for a year now and will compete on the team this fall. She has a love hate relationship with it, but has a natural talent I will fight "this" battle. She's good! She too, loves baby Sawyer (who doesn't?), loves to be in the water and pretend she is a mermaid and has become obsessed with sharks (this came from the movie soul surfer), not only is she obsessed with sharks, but loves the gore and excitement of a good shark attack (Can't wait to watch shark week with her). She turns eight soon and will be getting baptized. We are all excited for that to take place.

Then there is my baby(not really since Sawyer is the baby, but he was for so long, I can't let go). Off to Kindergarten this year. He is such a sweetie and I have a very soft place in my heart for this kid. He can do no wrong in my eyes (maybe it's because he has my eyes). Preston loves everything Dane loves including Legos (did I already mention how much my boys love Legos?). he also loves the Wii which we've had to control a little bit. It gets a little out of hand on those days he is home with me and I have a lot of things to get done. He had a great start at kindergarten already knowing most of the stuff they will be learning this year (He's a smartie!). I'm excited for him because he loves it, but I kinda miss having him around all the time. Good thing I have one more;). Isn't he handsome, watch out girls. Speaking of girls, he informed me that if you really want to get the girls, then you wear your backpack over one shoulder. How can they not love him?

It's nice to be back in the routine of school. We are busy and trying to keep up with everything but it's so fun to watch these kids learn and grow. I am one lucky Mom!