Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Booth

I can't find the cord for my camera to download pictures, so I haven't posted anything lately. But here I am and guess what, we have discovered photo booth. I don't know why I think this distorted pictures of my kids are so funny, but we just can't get enough. My kids come home from school and sit for an hour at a time and do this. Our computer is full of them. 

Here's a few more

I guess Justin and I even have fun with it too.


mamapickle said...


Julie Huish said...

My kids love it too! Photo booth does the videos too and thats how we got the Jaynie bird-flipping gem. Glad to see you're blogging right now, just like me, after giving up on tickets!

Moira said...

Okay, SeRiOuSlY!!! The tears are rolling down my face. So funny.
What is photo booth? Do you have to buy it or something?

amy germer said...

TINA, some of those are almost disturbing! Too Funny!

Grandma Lizzie said...

Sorry Tina, I don't like those photos.