Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Stories

So I guess I have had other things keeping me busy lately. It's been a while since I've posted anything. I don't know if it's pure laziness, just a lack of activities now that Christmas is over or my new found love of Facebook. Well whatever the case, I thought I would write a few random things. 
First of all my little Preston. Growing up waaaay to fast. If it weren't for the fact that he wasn't potty trained yet I would call him a kid and I would no longer have a baby. sniff sniff. We were at Emma's school tht other day and I was signing him up for pre-school when one of the ladies in the office said to him. "Oh Preston you are so cute." He in reply said, "No, I'm just cool."
 He has also had a little obsession lately with coloring. At any given time he can be found with a crayon, marker and sometimes even a sharpie in hand. The only problem with this is, although he knows to only color on paper, he doesn't always stick to that. One day after 10 minute of silence I realized he was in the laundry room with the door closed this is what I found.
The Hulk...

Oh, by the way, it was all over the wall as well. Dry Erase Markers don't come off of skin  or walls as quickly as they do off of white boards.
Then the other day he was coloring with his new Christmas box of crayons and I happened upon this site.

What goes through kids' minds? I never would have thought that a three year old would take the time to arrange his crayons so beautifully before beginning to color. I swear besides the fact that this kid is a boy, he is ALL me!

Emma had a big first this week. I don't know how long I have been trying to teach this little one how to blow a bubble, but it's been a long time and she just couldn't get it. So the other day, she came up to me while I was on the phone trying to get my attention. I kind of waved her out of the way. She refused to move to leave me alone and then I saw it her first bubble. She was so excited I had to "Look" probably a hundred times that day.

And now for the whopper of my week. Justin and I were asked two weeks ago to speak in church today. Our topic was agency and as I always do, I put it off until the last minute. Justin and I were up late last night researching and writing our talks. Everytime he asked me to do something I would say OK, but that takes a minute off how long I have to speak. We joked back and forth but one thing I always knew was that he would go after me and have to fill up whatever time I didn't take so really I could make my talk as long or short as I wanted. Well I typed it all out and I think I was good for about 10 minutes. I was feeling good about it except for the fact that I always get so nervous right before I have to speak but I knew there was nothing I could do about that.
    Well we got up for our 9:00 church and we were ready to go. I folded my talk and put it in my scriptures (or so I thought) and then put my scriptures in my church bag (or so I thought). We then left for church. As we were getting to the end of the sacrament, I decided it was time to get my talk out as I was going first and would be getting up soon. I searched for my scriptures and they were no where to be found. I left all my kids alone on the bench and told Justin who was passing the sacrament that I left my talk at home. I rushed to the car rushed home and grabbed my scriptures and rushed back to church. I found Justin had already started his talk. There went all my hope for him taking up extra time. He did take a good share and I wasn't too worried until...the rest hymn was almost over and I decided it was time to get my talk out of my scriptures. It wasn't there. I was literally 30 seconds away from giving my talk and I didn't have it.
    I thought I would die. Justin rushed home to get it for me and I stalled.  I explained to everyone what had happened, I gave a long introduction and when he hadn't returned yet I knew I just had to wing it. Wow as if I wasn't already a nervous wreck. About 1/4 of the way into my talk, Justin came walking it I felt a little rush of peace until he came up to the pulpit and told me he couldn't find it. Well, fortunately he did find my notes and fortunately I was able to get enough from there to finish my talk. I really think with my circumstances I should have used my "agency" to just sit back down, but I pulled it together and gave about a 10 minute talk. Certainly an experience I will never forget. 
   And just a little piece of advice to all of you who will ever have to give a talk in church, make sure and double check that you have your talk with you when you leave. It's a very bad feeling to not know where it is. Of course I found it as soon as I walked in the door. I think I should be off the hook for a long while.


Moira said...

Tina you ROCKED today in church. I was very impressed. I couldn't have done it and would've buckled under pressure. But you were a trooper and I enjoyed your talk very much.
You should be so proud of yourself.

The Dillon 6 said...

great stories!!!

and FB is SO fun!

Lauralee said...

no way! oh that is awful.. I bet you did fine.. but man I can't imagine the panic you were feeling.. your comment about being off the hook for a long while- cracked me up..

Ariana said...

OH MAN....I would have passed out on the floor if that happened to me. I can't talk very long with notes, and without them, I have nothing to say. My brain goes absolutely blank when faced with a group of people! Good for you for surviving the 'winging it'! That'll be a great lesson for your kids, that sometimes you just have to roll with whatever happens.

Julie Huish said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am having a panic attack just reading about it! What on earth did you go home and grab that wasn't your talk?!? My stomach hurts!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Emma! I remember blowing bubbles as a kid

mamapickle said...

1st off, I would have so not been able to wing a talk on the spot like that so major props to you for that one! And Scott is so glad Justin was able to come up and get some snow time bonding done :) So thanks for letting him get away again.

belted said...

this is a great story!