Monday, March 30, 2009

What's a Whopper?

I was driving Emma and cousin Jaynie home from school today and we were watching a movie and the girl on it was singing a song about how she wanted to catch a "whopper". So the girls started asking me what a whopper was. I explained that they were talking about a really big fish. They said, "well, what does it look like?" I said "It's just really big." They kept asking what the really big fish called a Whopper looked like. I realized that they thought it was a type of fish, so I continued to explain that "Whopper" to used to describe something that is really big. I said if you had a gigantic ice cream sundae, that would be a whopper. Then Emma said, "So if someone is really fat they are a whopper?" I just had to laugh.

I told her that Maggie's butt yesterday was a Whopper (Pic to come later). We all laughed, and you will laugh too when you see Maggie's picture.

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mamapickle said...

When I first read this I thought they had seen an add for McD's whopper! haha.