Sunday, May 31, 2009

Emma's Graduation

It's hard to believe that my little girl graduated (from pre-school that is). She is growing up so fast and it shows in many aspects of her life. She finished her third year of pre-school this year (Sept. baby) and spent the past year in two wonderful pre-schools where she has learned to read quite well (I'm so proud!)
At her Bright Beginnings pre-school they celebrated this happy day with a great program that the kids put on for their parents and then received their diploma.
She had an amazing teacher Mrs. Olsen whom we will miss dearly until Preston gets to go to her. She was great and spent many hours this year teaching the kids and preparing them for Kindergarten.

Emma got to go to school with her cousin Jaynie. I think the only two of the grandkids that will ever get to go to school together. Lucky girls.

All in all it was a wonderful graduation and I was a very proud mama when my little girl got up and took a bow! What a kid!!!

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