Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome Baby Sawyer

Oh... I have a blog??? Guess it's time to add a little post. My sister in law told me that if someone doesn't post on their blog for over a year that she takes them off her blog roll, Oh the pressure. I guess I'm good for another year after this.
So the most exciting thing of the summer is the arrival of our newest family member. Sawyer John Kargis was born on July 19th. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 in, he was the smallest of all of our babies. That was quite a surprise considering Preston was 9 lbs at a week early, I expected this baby to be even bigger. I was pleased with his size cause I just think anything bigger than 9 is not a baby for very long. This way I get to enjoy the infant size for a while. Labor, delivery and recovery could not have been easier. The most annoying thing was waiting for the doctor to break my water. I waited for almost 4 1/2 hours for him to get there only to find out he was home asleep. Hmmm... Once he finally got there and broke my water, things progressed quickly and when I was ready to deliver and the doctor got there I was told not to push at all because the baby was there and sliding right out. That's how I like it, nice and easy.
Everyone was so excited to welcome our new baby and he has been an amazing baby so far. How he puts up with all the kisses, hugs, touches and being woken up is beyond me. He is quite the trooper and just what we needed for our 5th baby. He just goes with the flow. It is nice to have so many helpers around and allows me to still get everything done that I need to do. We are so blessed to have this sweet spirit in our family and love him very much.


Jodi Gallagher said...

That is so exciting! I didn't even know you were expecting. I guess that's what happens when I don't see you for so long. He sure is a cutie! Congratulations!

Moira said...

Beautiful pictures Tina. He is adorable. AND, welcome back to the blogging world...lol

Julie said...

So so glad I don't have to delete you from my list! haha! And even more glad to see you blogging again! : )

Marisa said...

You have another baby!!! I'm so excited for you guys! I have 2 things I keep wanting to tell you that I was wrong about... 1) when you have miserable pregnancies and easy babies I'd SO much rather have them out than in and 2) Diet Coke is your best friend when your life is crazy and you have too much to do :) Good luck with 5!!