Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Highlights

I feel like I should try to catch up on all the blogging I haven't done, but there is no way that will ever happen. So here are a bunch of pictures from our summer. This will be one of my longest posts since pictures are worth 1000 words and the great part is you won't have to read all those words. (I'm not one for reading). Enjoy our summer!

Dane's Birthday at Cowabunga Bay
We had the park to ourselves for the first hour. It was a little chilly but the water was like a bathtub so no one even noticed the temp. They all had a great time.
Happy 10th birthday Dane! We love you!

Dane's Cowabunga Bay Sign

6th Grade and Kindergarten

Mrs. Belnap and Emma

Mrs. O'very's 6th Grade Class 2010

Trek, Pinewood Derby and a Big Fat Eye

Maggie's 12th Birthday
A trip to Lagoon and Late Night at Cowabunga
I was just too big and pregnant and tired and hot to do anymore than this.

Happy birthday to Julie who shares the same birthday as Maggie and Calvin whose birthday is 2 days later.

Oh wait I did do something else. We went to lunch at Dear lizzie (the cutest store and restaurant ever) where the girls tried on prom dresses and then headed to Nordstrom for their first Mac makeover.


Oh and she got her first phone and texted me all night from her bedroom. She's one happy tween!

To Be Continued...

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