Saturday, July 30, 2011

My little mermaids

So my little Emma has been obsessed with an Australian TV show called "H2O". The girls in the show turn into mermaids whenever they touch water and they all have special water powers. So one day last week Emma told me that she needed a mermaid tail...not just a dress up mermaid tail (I could have easily bought one from the Disney store) but a real mermaid tail that she could swim with. So we rushed off to JoAnne and found some swimwear fabric and I went home and made up a mermaid tail. When I finished, she told me I also had to make one for her cousin Jaynie. They both wore them to Cowabunga the next day and everyone loved their tails and wanted to know where they got them. I may have just stumbled onto my next business venture (like I need anything else to do these days). Without further ado, here are my little mermaids.

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AmyJo said...

Sami is OBSESSED with H20!! I am in awe of your MANY talents you can just "whip up" a mermaid amaze me!! Miss you guys :(

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