Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bryce Canyon

So we took a little trip with the kids this past weekend to Bryce Canyon. It was amazing and everyone had a great time. The first day, we hiked the Navajo Loop. It was a 1.3 mile hike half of it steep down and half of it steep uphill. I was impressed with how great all the kids did. The scenery was beautiful and these pictures don't even do it justice.Here is our little Presto overlooking this awesome canyon.

Here we are hiking down the canyon. We had fun looking at all the rock formations and telling each other what we thought we saw. The colors were breathtaking.

Taking a little break.

Can you say "Mini Justin"?

We made it!

The next day we set out for Calf Creek Falls. All I kept thinking this day was... "The things I do for love".  I would never choose to do something like this on my own and certainly not with 5 kids but Justin talked me into it and I did it for him and the kids. We hiked @ 7 miles round trip. Talk about troopers, our kids did awesome. It only took about 5.5 hours to accomplish this amazing feat. But well worth every step.

Dane found a little lizard before we started the hike and thought it was cool when the tail came off and wiggled around in his hand.

Our little hikers. We only carried Preston and Emma for maybe a mile of the trip they did the rest on their own and even had enough energy to run some of the way.

Rest Stop

Another rest stop.

The Falls. The water was a little bit chilly, but it certainly didn't stop these kids from getting in and splashing around.

Right before the hike back to the car.

The last day of our trip, we headed over to Zions National Park. Another amazing sight.
We decided to do a shorter hike this day only about 2 miles up the river to the Narrows. Once we got to the end of the trail, Justin took the three older kids and hiked another mile in the river. I waited with Emma and Preston and almost got attacked by the psycho squirrel that was determined to get into our backpack and eat our easy cheese and crackers. It honestly would not leave us alone. The kids thought it was funny when it started chewing a hole in the backpack. 
Sadly after this hike, our trip came to an end. The kids begged to stay one more day, but school and work beckoned us back. We all had a really fun time (I know I can't believe I said that but I actually did enjoy myself). 

The enterance to the park.

Here's Dane just testing out the waters. This boy has Justin blood running through his veins. Next stop Aconcagua.
The kids hiking up the river. The girls did pretty good not getting wet, but when Dane came back, he was soaked head to toe. He just couldn't resist the adventure.


J. Crew said...

It looks like it was so pretty there! How fun that your children are old enough to do things like that now! We have to enjoy it! Love ya!

mamapickle said...

That looks AMAZING! So beautiful. And I am very impressed at how far you went.

Emily said...

What a great trip! I love how pretty it is! The kids looked like they were loving it!

The Dillon 6 said...

this totally sells me on our tentative plans for next summer...which definitely include this stop! I'm glad you had fun...aren't kids amazing?!

(Who is the "extra" child?)

The DeMarcus Family said...

You went to all my favorite places.. although not my favorite with kids in tow! What a trooper you are :)

Julie Huish said...

Hi kargis fam!! this is lindsey reading your blog about our awesome totally amazing couldn't be better garfield trip!!! dane is so justin jr.! cant wait 2 do it again!!
your fav neese, lindsey : )

Moira said...

Wow Tina...these pictures are awesome. Looks like a place I need to check out for sure.