Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emma's Tea Party

So it's been a long time since I've posted anything. When i first started blogging, I though I would be so good but it has been a crazy couple of weeks and time has slipped away from me.

I wanted to post about Emma's fun birthday party we had. We went back and forth trying to decide on a party theme and finally came up with the idea for a tea party.

We started with the lunch aspect of the party. I had set the table with little mini tea cups and plates. I found some cute mini cups at Ikea that I just had to have. We had pink roses as our table decor and some netting to enclose the table a little bit.
Dane decided he wanted to be the butler. He came straight home from school and got all dressed up ready to serve tea (pink lemonade) to Emma and all her party guests. He was so cute.
We served mini sandwiches cut in flower shapes, fruit kabobs, frosting covered brownies and chocolate covered strawberries plus anything pink that I could find.
We told the girls they were supposed to drink with their pinkies up. They all gave it a try, but then figured it was easier to not do it.
Jaynie, Mae, Kylee and Avery
When they were done eating, we went outside and decorated straw hats. We put on ribbon and they used foam stickers to decorate their hats.
We had some great helpers. Thanks Maggie, Lindsey, Cassie, Grandma Liz and Dane.
Aren't they so adorable. Emily, Allison, Brooklyn, Jaynie
Avery, Elle, Emma, Kylee, Mae
This was my sad attempt at a teapot cake. I should have put some eyes on it cause it really looked like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast.

Make a wish. I thought the cake might be kind of hard to serve, so we offered cupcakes too.

Allison, Elle and Emily.
Right before the party ended, we played the freeze/dance game. We played princess music and let the girls freeze in funny positions when the music stopped. They loved this.


The Dillon 6 said...

how fun was THAT?! I love that Dane was so excited to be the Butler! Malcolm probably would have done the same. ;) I still think of Emma as being a's hard to picture her all growed up. :)

And, might I add, you are so BRAVE to put that much glass on a table with such little ones. :)

Emily said...

So darling! I love the cake too by the way!

J. Crew said...

Oh My Gosh!! So Darling!! Leave it to you Tina! How lucky is Emma! I might have to do this for Kate's next Birthday! love, jenn

mamapickle said...

You throw the BEST parties! Such a cute idea

SweetSassyCassie said...

I remember going to her party! Did you ever decide what to do with the drape things? And about that email, my friend sarah sent that to me!

The Dillon 6 said...

that group photo of the girls in their hats is priceless. Dane looked so sharp.

Matt and Amy said...

Tina, you're so creative! That is such a cute idea. I especially like the picture of the girls in their hats. How adorable!

Tara and David Olsen said...

The cake is so cute! I love how creative you are with everything that you touch!

Cami Kapp said...

You always do the best parties! The cake turned out great and Dane makes a great butler!