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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I need Help

So this is a growing problem at my household. This is what I come home to everyday. I bought shelves thinking they have somewhere to put their shoes, but without fail, they end up in a big pile on the floor. It is overtaking our garage. Soon we won't be able to park in the garage cause their feet keep getting bigger. Justin says I have to stop buying them so many shoes, but I LOVE shoes. Especially little ones. What do I do? It's maddening!


Julie Huish said...

So funny!!! As you know, I can relate. I just choose to ignore the mess and read blogs instead. haha!

Tara and David Olsen said...

I know that my kids are more than a few years younger than yours, but I learned that they do better putting their shoes away if they take them off and throw them in a bin. Even my husband does better. I have different bins for each person. So when they take their shoes off they just throw them in the bin. Alot easier than putting them nicely in a slot. Good luck!

Moira said...

I LOVE Ikea. They have those really cool shoe boxes. When I get my garage all sorted, that's what I will be buying. If you've ever been to Kangaroo Zoo, they use Ikea's shoe boxes there.
Right now I have a shoe rack and threaten the kids that anything on the ground will be thrown away. Trust me, they tried to call my bluff and I had to throw a pair out {Luckily they were some old shoes}...lol So now it works like a charm. :-)

The Dillon 6 said...

we're a shoe bucket family (we use the cheap $1 toy boxes from IKEA). Our buckets are continually overflowing, but it's a huge improvement from where we used to be.

I have to say ~ I LOVE your shoe shelves! :)

Sheri Keilman said...

Good luck on that one! I have racks, and never fails, all the shoes wind up on the floor and the racks are bare. :) I like the bucket idea. I think I'm more the evil mom... if they don't pick them up, one by one, they will just start disappearing! A shoe missing here, one there, until they decide it's nice having both shoes to go outside. hehehe