Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emma Turns 6

So I am a total slacker!!! Emma's birthday was over a month ago and I haven't posted for so long it seems almost too late to do it. But if you know me, you know I can't pass up an opportunity to post about a party and since I've had Preston's too in the past month, I figured it was time to catch up.
So we had another Hello Kitty party (not so excited to do the same theme for 2 parties in one year. Maggie's was hello Kitty theme too). This one was a little more difficult because I couldn't just take them to Cowabunga Bay and let them play I actually had to come up with some activities and games to play. So here is how it went.

The Decor

The Party
When the girls arrived we gave them each some kitty ears and then my super fantastic party assistants, Maggie and Lindsey, painted their faces kitty style.We then played Musical Chairs and Hot Yarn Ball (Hot Potato). We tried to make it all kitty style, so while playing Musical Chairs, they had to crawl around on all fours like a cat. This was fairly amusing to watch. Not to mention they all meowed like kittys too.

Presents and Friends

I don't remember what Maggie and Lindsey were doing behind the camera, but it had the girls (and Preston in stitches). Well everyone except Rosalind who seemed to be able to keep a straight face through a series of 5-6 pictures
I take these pictures with good intentions. I always say I will make a cute little thank you post card from the picture and send it to their friend. I have been doing this for over 6 years now and have yet to send one thank you post card. I'm the worst at Thank You's. :(

The Cake
So I decided to do a Hello Kitty cake (big surprise) but luckily I did a trial one at our family party a few days before her real party. The first one was a disaster. I do this quite often, I have a great idea in my head and then when I go to execute it it turns out nothing like I imagined. This is the before cake.
Second time around I was much happier with the result. So glad I made mistakes so I knew what to do different.

The Goodie Bags
I so love the dollar spot at Target!!! They always have the best stuff for party goodie bags. Ours was filled with hello kitty treats and surprises.
All in all, I think Emma had a fabulously fun birthday party.

Birthday Breakfast...Pink Pancakes
Emma wanted a stroller for her birthday. She got that plus a baby and diaper bag to go with it.
She took them both to dinner with us that night and had quite a few people stop to admire her cute baby. She informed them all that her baby's name was Lizzie and that she was 6 months old. She also changed the baby's diaper at least 6 times during our dinner. I'm glad I'm not on diaper duty.



J. Crew said...

Happy Birthday To Emma! You give the cutest parties! We miss all of you! xoxo

mamapickle said...

you throw the cutest parties! Can't believe she is already 6.

Moira said...

Shaylee had SO much fun at the party. You always have such creative ideas.

Matt and Amy said...

I love the picture of all the little "girly" kitties crawling on the floor and then there's Preston!

n said...

That looked like a blast! I am going to call the next time I need to throw a party.