Sunday, November 8, 2009

L-O-V-E, love this kid!!!

I have to say I absolutely adore this little boy. Maybe it's because he's the baby of the family, or maybe it's because he is the only one of my kids that I can still consider a baby or maybe it's because he is so stinkin' good and cute. It's probably all three. Well he turned four a few weeks ago and I just need time to stop right now. I don't want him to get any older but everytime he asks to play the wii or spells a new word for me or reads a new book, I know that he's getting bigger. sniff sniff! Enough of the sappy stuff, Preston Rules and we had a fun Monster party.

He began by saying he wanted a lego party, well after repeating the Hello Kitty parties, I wasn't about to repeat the Lego party so one day we were walking through Target (my favorite place to be) we found the cutest monster stuff and I was able to talk him into the monster party. His birthday is only one week before Halloween so I've always tried to stay away for the whole "halloween" party thing and make it "birthday" but they have so many cute things around halloween, this was the perfect solution for me. Here's how the party went.

The Invite
Designed {using digital scrapbooking} by yours truly. I love doing this kind of stuff.

The birthday boy

The decorations

I guess I dropped the ball on this one and these were the only decorations that I actually took pictures of. These were just some little stuffed monsters we found at Target too then we had balloons. I have been looking at some blogs that have pretty amazing parties and am starting to realize that I need to step it up a little. I guess I'll have a lot of years to get there.


We played Monster toss where they threw the stuffed monsters into buckets and then we also played pin the eye on the monster. I was surprised at how close they all got to the real eyes. I guess they had a pretty good chance seeing as the monster had three eyes instead of just one. Well everyone except Braxton who we tried to trick. He figured it out quickly and got back on track.

The presentsHis best (girl)friend Avery. We love this girl too. They could grow up and get married and we would be perfectly happy with that.
Our neighbors and lego buddies Braxton and Carson.
Our cute cousins Mae and Elle.
Our other cousin Jaynie.

We started a new tradition because everyone at a party always wants their present to be opened first so we let the birthday child choose the first person and then we give that person a ball or something to toss, in this case it was a stuffed monster and they get to toss it to the next person. It kind of becomes a game for everyone and so far no one has gotten upset about when their present gets opened. I had a few people ask me what Preston wanted for his birthday and I don't know if I have said this before, but this kid is obsessed with learning (I finally got one of me). I told everyone that he loves to write and read and those were some of his favorite gifts. Of course he loves Legos too, but we have so many legos in this house I couldn't tell anyone to get him those. Again, took lots of pictures of Preston opening up presents with friends, but not one single thank you note has come out of them yet. The guilt is building now that I have let out my secret. Maybe next year...

The cake

So proud of this one. I didn't even do a trial run and loved the way it turned out. This was definitely a fun party theme. So many ways to go with this. We also had some extra time after cake and ice cream and I let the kids decorate their own monster cupcakes. Everyone loved doing this except Preston all he wanted to do was watch Monsters vs. Aliens (at least he stayed with the theme). The cupcakes turned out really cute and this kids loved doing this.

Our guests
Of course before the party is over I always have to take a picture of all the kids who attended. They got into their goodie bags first and accessorized for one of the pictures. I love it.

The Goodie Bags

One of my favorite parts of a party is putting together a fun goodie bag. Thanks again to Target for all the great ideas and products (I don't know why I am thanking target, they should be thanking me for all the money I spend there).
So one of my very favorite things about Preston is when he tells me "Mom, I love you never ending" Nothing can put a smile on my face like that can.
Maggie's favorite thing about Preston, their private hand shake. "High five, knuckles, skin, eskimo kisses, isses, loves"
Emma's favorite thing about Preston "he likes to watch movies with me and I like to build stuff with him and I like to play legos with him and I like to do our hand shake."

Happy Birthday little butter!

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