Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

Cindy and Jan Brady, Skeleton and the Grim Reaper

Yes it's true, my girls wanted to be the Brady girls for Halloween. So many people asked me if they even knew who the Brady's were, well they are a favorite in our house. I think my kids can quote more lines from the Brady Bunch than I can. I think they looked pretty darn good.

Ward Party
Justin and I dressed up in an old stand-by. I made these Dutch costumes years ago and we have really go some use out of them. It's a good thing we both got wooden shoes on our missions.
Each of the Auxiliries were asked to do a booth at the carnival so here is the girls standing if front of our bowling alley. My husband didn't even complain when I made him create this spooky bowling lane for me. Next year... Bigger and Scarier. We also had a chili cook off. Wow!!! Amazing cooks we have in our ward.

Preston decided just for his school party that he wanted to be Batman. We altered Dane's costume from last year by cutting about 12 inches off the legs and he was good to go.
This is the epitomy of my little Emma. This is how she walked by us during her school parade. It almost looks like she is doing the "Thriller" dance

I got really into decorating this year. We went very spooky this year and had a great time doing it. It took me almost the entire month to get it to look just the way I wanted.

Of course I need to have my great candy jars. Love them! I've started saving all my candy (that way we won't want to eat it next year) and I have boxes and boxes on the top shelf of my pantry. I'll take a picture of that sometime. Just remember when you come you my house not to eat the candy. It's sure to be at least a year old if not more.
I got these cool pictures at Big Lots and spray painted frames from Savers (feeling very DIY and thrifty at the same time). I had three they are totally like the ones in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Very cool addition to my decor this year.
Halloween Party
Of course I can't go through all the work of decorating without having a few friends over to enjoy it. We had Hot chocolate, cider and desserts after trick or treating.

I think next year I am going to require my friends to wear costumes. That might get me out of the party since none of them will come (except Becky). Party Poopers!!!I thought that I should probably dress up for my own party so when I saw the "Desperate Housewife" wig at the store I had to buy it. Unfortunately it didn't look quite like it did on the package, but I couldn't resist being Bree Van De Camp at my own party.


Harmony said...

Cute Pics! Your house looked amazing as always and we had tons of fun at the party! Thanks for inviting us!

Emily said...

It was so much fun, and I loved your decorations! Maybe I will dress up next year! Maybe!

mamapickle said...

I am coming back here next year to get great decor ideas for halloween! You are the master! Looks like a fun time.

Aceves Family said...

good job Tina!! it looks awesome!

loven it! said...

tina you are so cool! i'm glad i know you! love the halloween decorations!! and costumes and your bloggy background!!