Saturday, July 26, 2008

So here I am up late again. I don't know what my deal is lately. I just can't sleep. Anyhow, I am printing some flyers up for my Dad for our family reunion at Aspen Grove tomorrow and while I was waiting, I got caught up on some of my catalogs. I just love Pottery Barn Kids (well all Pottery Barns) and Land of Nod. Just thought I would give you some insight into my dream world. Which by the way if it ever becomes a reality, my kids will be too old to enjoy it. I just have to wonder, do people actually live this way? My play room is piles of toys dumped out and then abandoned because the room is too messy to play in.Why oh Why can't my world be cute and clean and organized. I guess that's just part of having kids.

How awesome would these rooms be? I think I would just sit in them all day and let my creative juices flow.

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mamapickle said...

If I really had a room that cute would I just be yelling at my kids all the time because nothing was EVER put back in the right place? Maybe if I actually got that organized then things would be put in the right place :)