Saturday, July 19, 2008

What is my deal? I am having so much fun with this stupid thing I can't get off my computer and go to bed. It's a good thing Justin is on his scout campout, he would be having a fit if he knew I was up this late making scrapbooks and blogging. I was just looking at all my pictures and saw these great ones from the 4th and just had to make a fun little scrapbook.  We spent the forth all over the place. First to the annual Astle bike parade then off to the Yarros big celebration, and then back to our ward activity for watermelon and fireworks. I just love the forth. I honestly think it is my favorite holiday, and oh how blessed we are to be living in this amazing country. I still can't sing the star spangled banner with out getting tears in my eyes.  Enjoy!
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belted said...

Tina I am so glad that you started a blog. It makes you feel not so far away. Eden is just going to die when she sees it!!

Marisa said...

I saw you on Tracie's blog and thought 'how long has Tina had a blog and I didn't know about it?' But now I see that you just started so I feel better :) I also wondered if you'd found our blog and then I saw it on your sidebar! So happy blogging (and yes, it is definitely addictive)!