Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aspen Grove Family Camp

We just spent a week at Aspen Grove family Camp up the Provo Canyon. This is something we do about every other year and look forward to every time. The kids absolutely love it. There are so many fun activities and we are with all our cousins. It is a week full of fun and almost no rules. They go where they want when the want, eat all the junk they want, stay up until midnight. Its a week long craziness. 
We go with my dad, all my siblings and their families, and some of my cousins from my dads side and their families. Of course there are always a few extra a long for the ride. I think this year we had almost 70 so you can imagine the fun.
Some highlights from the week. We had major thunderstorms about 3 nights and the kids loved playing and getting wet in the rain. We had our first Huish Music recital where many of the kids performed and a few of the adults too. Justin played "Campfire song song" (from SpongeBob) on the guitar and had about 15 kids sing along. It was sweet. Of course we love the late night games of signs and Mofia. This year we also did a craft day which was really fun. A few highlights for me were making it to the pool in the morning to swim a mile and climbing the rock wall which I did 20 years ago and never thought I would make it to the top now. I almost turned back but with the encouragement of my husband and many family members, I made it to the top. One of the most physically difficult things I have ever done. Yeah me.
Anyway, we really had a fun time and now that I have finally finished the laundry, I am able to write a little bit about it. 
Maggie and Lindsey playing in the rain.

Preston and Emma splashing in the pool.

Here I am on my way up and wanting so bad just to come back down.

I love this picture


Cami Kapp said...

Way to go Tina!! I'm so impressed-not just climbing the rock wall but the mile swim in the morning, too! You rock! Oh, and getting the laundry ALL done...that never happens at my house! Can't wait to see stuff for your new business, love the logo!

mamapickle said...

That looks awesome! how fun :O)

TheDillon6 said...

Our kids have asked MANY times when we are going back to Apen Grove. I'm glad your family loves it so much!!!